MZPN | Moving Forward Together

MZPN invites you to a double seminar being held on 27 April and on 11 May - just days after the new leader of the Partit Nazzjonalista is elected - aimed at bringing MZPN closer to today's youth. It's time for your opinion and your view.

The first seminar will be solely on YOU speaking to us and telling us what went wrong, and what should and could have been done differently. The second seminar will then focus on the way forward and how you can give us a hand in all this.

So get involved and join us in the MZPN - Moving Forward Together seminars, both starting at 10am at Dar Centrali in Pieta`. The first seminar will be chaired by Dr Anne Fenech while the second one will be chaired by Peppi Azzopardi. The second seminar will also be addressed by the newly elected PN leader.

Fill in the form on the right and share and recommend this event with your friends.

In addition, we are asking YOU to give us your direct opinion by answering the survey we have prepared, in order to get an overview of the public's perception on this past legislature.

Get talking to us and help us move forward together!

Thank you!

MZPN 2013